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Our story is like many others –it all started with an idea. To be more precisely, we saw the potential in an undiscovered business area. As a result of the constantly increasing demand for warehouse space and professional logistics services, we decided to launch this business. When making our decision as to build a warehouse in the economic zone in Bolesławiec, we were aware of the fact that its competitors would be large, international concerns and corporations. In spite of many doubts,our first investment started. The “A” classhigh-tech warehouse located in Bolesławiec was the beginning of our adventure. Due to the fact that Lower Silesia borders with Germany, it was a perfect place on the logistical map of the country. However, warehouses should not be perceived as just empty space. It should be noted that storage services consist of many comprehensive processes that must work efficiently so that the entire undertaking functions properly. In the event that these processes fail, even the high-tech warehouse will bring losses. After all, we decided to set ourselves a goal: to establish a company that would be involved in the comprehensive storage services – starting from renting warehouse space and ending up with handling processes.