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Container cleaning services

Washing and cleaning of containers using high-pressure water jet

In order to avoid production contamination, containers and packaging must be clean at all times.

Each production requires the monitoring of the cleanliness of the containers used.

On-time cleaning of containers intended for storage and transport of goods allows for avoiding contamination of components or damage to finished goods.

In order to thoroughly clean containers, we use equipment intended for cleaning boxes, containers and packaging of various types and sizes.


The equipment is fitted with high-pressure nozzles that can remove even the toughest dirt, while hot water and eco-friendly detergents help to remove the remaining dirt

Our company handles the entire logistical process, which is as follows:

– Collection of the dirty containers from the customer;

– Transport of the dirty containers to our premises;

– Performance of a professional cleaning of containers;

– Bringing the containers back to the customer or to indicated point of destination according to the customer’s needs;


In addition, our offer includes storage, selection and quality control of the containers

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